Important Dates

What's Happening 

March 5, 2021

Deadline for Bankier Library Research Award Contest.

2020 Spring, Summer, Fall Students

March 9, 2021

Last day of instruction

Spring 7A-week Semester 

March 14, 2021

Spring Break Starts

Spring  Semester 

March 8, 2021

Priority Registration for Summer Terms

Summer Semester

March 15, 2021

Priority Registration for  Fall Terms, Save Your Seat!

For All Enrolled Students

March 15, 2021

Open Registration for Summer Terms

For All Students

March 22, 2021

First day of Spring 7B-week Term instruction

Spring 7B-week  Semester

March 22, 2021

Open Registration for Fall  Terms

For All Students

April 15, 2021

If you received NJ State Aid this year,  this is  the last day to fill out your FAFSA 

Fall Semester Students